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There are no average days at Sundance. We love everything that goes with aviation and strive to build a community of pilots, tenants and enthusiasts. Touch down at Sundance and see why our tenants call it home.

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About Sundance Airport

Sundance Airport's Story

Why it's better to work, play and live at Sundance!
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About Sundance Airport

Sundance Airport (KHSD, 122.7 | AWOS 120.975, AWOS 405.283.9848) is a privately-owned, public-use facility located in Oklahoma City one mile West of Kilpatrick Turnpike and one mile North of Northwest Expressway. It has a 5001-foot concrete runway (18 and 36), 190 T-hangars, two 120x120 FBO hangars, terminal facility, tie-down facility, and offers both self-serve and full-service 100LL AVGas and full-service Jet-A fuel.


Locate your business just off the taxiway or inside the terminal building. Whether giving customers easy access to your products and services or using our conveniences to get to your clients, accomplish it at Sundance Airport.


The skies are meant for flying, and we're here to make your experience exciting and fun at every turn. Play in the air or on the ground at our many hosted events. Let Sundance Flight Academy instructors teach you how to soar.


Hangars house more than airplanes. Custom-build your condo hangar with so many amenities you’ll think you’re on vacation. Plus, you will have front row seats to all our fun and exciting events such as fly-ins, pancake breakfasts, specialty aircraft visits and more!

Features of Sundance Airport

Airport Features

Interesting Airport Features

These interesting airport features are a few of Sundance's highlighted features. As we grow and improve, we will highlight more.

FBO Terminal Building

Sundance's FBO Terminal Building has a spacious lobby area, an elegant conference room, a comfortable pilot's lounge and snooze room, an efficient pilot's planning room, and flight department rental offices all flow together to form a functional, comfortable environment.
After-Hours Call-Out Service

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Phase I of Sundance Airport includes 190 T-Hangars in various sizes designed to accommodate aircraft ranging from single-engine aircraft through small corporate jets. Corner units contain additional space for extra storage or office space.

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Fuel Services

Being well known for its fuel services, Sundance is sure to exceed your needs. We currently offer:

  • • 100LL AvGas - Self Service | $5.50/gallon
    • (available 24hrs w/ credit card)
  • • 100LL AvGas - Full Service | $5.80/gallon
  • • Jet A - Full Service | $4.45/gallon

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